Contemplate This!

--- Thomas J. Bushlack ---

“Contemplate This!” features interviews with leaders and teachers of contemplative practices (mindfulness, meditation, contemplative prayer, etc.) in order to learn about their history, how they became involved in contemplation, what their daily practice looks like, how they teach and share the fruits of contemplation with others – and most importantly – how their practice has transformed them and inspired their work to transform others and the world around them.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 26 - Interview with Nick Zolfo

    For this episode I am your co-host, along with Nick Zolfo, the host of the podcast “Catching ZZ’s: A Millennial’s Guide to Mindfulness.” Nick and I were introduced by a mutual colleague, and we realized that we have a very similar purpose behind our podcasts – which is to ...


  2. Episode 25 - Interview with Keith Kristich

    Keith Kristich lives in Buffalo, NY with his partner and wife, Colleen. He’s a self-described lover of nature, good conversation, and am often found with a book, banjo, or guitar in hand. In his own words, he says “My ultimate aim is to help people slow down and reconnect with ...


  3. “Centering-In-Place” - An Invitation to Open Your Heart During Coronavirus Social Isolation

    In this special episode I want to reflect on our global connection to each other, and to invite each of you to open your heart as you engage the fears and anxieties that we’re feeling right now during the coronavirus pandemic. ...


  4. Episode 24 - Interview with Ven. Kusala Bhikshu

    Ven. Kusala Bikshu is an American-born monk ordained in the Zen Tradition of Vietnam and head monk at the International Buddhist Meditation Center in the Korea town section of Los Angeles. Kusala is a member of the Buddhist-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Los Angeles and MID – Monastic Inter-religious Dialogue, ...


  5. Episode 23 - Interview with Mag Dimond

    Mag Dimond is the award-winning author of Bowing to Elephants: Tales of a Travel Junkie (which hit #1 in 5 countries on the day it launched and just won Best Indie Biographies & Memoirs from Kirkus). Her book has been compared to EAT, PRAY, LOVE in professional reviews and has ...